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The Wizard of "Goal"

How many times have you heard that? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that in my lifetime I’ll be, well out of debt. 

The definition of goal is, the end toward which effort is directed. This doesn’t mean that we can’t change while in the journey. 

The number I selected as my goal weight might change on my way there. All depends on how I feel and look at certain weight. That number is the magic number, you know like in the Wizard of Oz. In the movie the characters had to travel the long Yellow Brick Road to get to the Wizard. Once there they got what they were looking for but not in the expected way. 

The same happens with my goal weight. That is my “Wizard of Oz” (only with my name), and the journey I’m traveling is my long Yellow Brick Road. I know that in the end I’ll get what I want, lose weight. It might be the number I selected or it might be a little different. 

Next time someone asks you “is that your goal?”, say yes very proud and keep working at it. Only you have the power to make it a reality and don’t forget you can modify this number as many times as you like. After all is not written in stone!  Enjoy your weight loss journey and make it fun and memorable.


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Run, run, run!

The singer Rob Thomas has this effect on me that every time I hear the song “How Far We’ve Come” or “This is How the Heart Breaks” I feel the need to start to running. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the gym working out or sitting at my desk working I get the same feeling.   

You see I’m not a runner and both of those songs just make my brain to send the message “run” to my legs and that I do. The beat of both songs is accelerated and for some reason, even though I get tired during the songs I just can’t stop running until the music is over.   

I guess the article I read about the beat of the music and the effects on the body is true. In the January/February 2010 edition of Women’s Health Magazine, I found a little column that stated that the music with a rapid or loud beat send a signal of distress  to the brain releasing adrenaline, resulting in more energy.   

The same principle applies for when you need to calm down. Playing relaxing music will do the trick or even to calm the kids. I remember a friend of mine she always played a specific song to calm her baby. If by any chance she forgot to put the song in repeat oh wow, the baby will get up and cry non-stop until the song was playing again.   

Knowing this, I loaded my iPod with songs to get me excited and to calm me down. Here is a list of some of the artists you could find in my mp3 player:   

  • Rob Thomas
  • Maroon 5
  • Rihanna
  • Ricky Martin
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Wisin y Yandel
  • Daddy Yankee
  • Kate Perry
  • Lady Gaga
  • Chris Daughtry
  • ABBA
  • Among other

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Let Go and Let God

This I heard from Joel Osteen and it stuck with me. I know that that’s the right way to go, but sometimes it is so hard to let go of things and let God work. 

Sometimes, God already did his work but we insist in not letting go. I can say that this is happening to me. I’ve been holding on onto old feelings of resentment, sadness and unworthiness for a while now. This came up after an experience I had in the past, where I was hurt to the point of making me feel unworthy. 

Even though I’ve tried to let go, every now and then those feelings come back and haunt me and affect me in every aspect of my life, especially in the getting healthy area. I eat like crazy and stop caring about me, my health and everything around me. 

Fortunately, these feelings don’t come around as often as they used to. Little by little I have let God work in my life, making me stronger and stronger everyday and teaching that I am worthy of love and much more. 

So to those feelings I say, GOODBYE and let the good times roll! 


Letting go quotes: 

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.
— Author Unknown

 Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.
— Ann Landers

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