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It was my coworker’s birthday. My bosses brought, what I only can describe as the most appealing-delicious-moist, double chocolate cake with strawberries.  To my luck, that’s the day I started once AGAIN my diet and excercise regimen.

I remember thinking, “really, today, today of all days?”, but I walked away from it. You must think, “oh well, she’s save; she walked away from the cake”, and that’s what I thought too, I was save!! W R O N G!

The real battle began later, every time I opened the fridge to get water, or just walked by the kitchen to get something. The remaining cake was staring at me, calling me, it had my name! – I swear!

It took everything I had in me no to open the box and eat the cake, specially when everyone else were doing it! I had to have a very serious conversation with myself in the bathroom where I asked myself, “what do you want more; the cake or to lose weight?”. The second option won the battle that moment.

Later that day, I went to the gym and burned all the anger towards the  most appealing-delicious-moist, double chocolate cake with strawberries that my bosses bought for my coworkers birthday.

Till this day, I still think about the cake, and I wonder, what had happen if I ate a piece of it.  Oh well I guess I’ll never know! It was a good choice not to eat it!

So long CAKE!

Till the next adventure!


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