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I’m not sure why the combination of the words Free and Food, makes me think No Calories!

This can not be farther from the truth! Most of the time, free food=LOTS OF CALORIES. Think about it, bagels, doughnuts, pizza, sandwiches, pastries, etc., all of which has a lot of calories and it’s not that expensive to  get for a big group.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my free bagel and pastry in the morning and pizza for lunch. My problem comes when I eat more than one, unleashing the free food monster inside of me. He comes out and tells me, “Hey… there is free food, eat it, or it will go bad”. I feel bad because I don’t want it to go bad ;).

The key to succeed is to prepare yourself. If you know that you will be exposed to free food, think in advance what are you going to allow yourself to eat. Avoid telling yourself “you can’t’ eat that” or “you shouldnt eat that”. These phrases are triggers that push you to want it more to the point of giving up and eating everything you can’t or shouldnt.

Next time, give you a break, but learn from your falls and remember, FREE FOOD does not equal to NO CALORIES.


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My day started with a good breakfast, cereal with milk. Then at mid-morning I had a snack. Going good right?

At lunch it was even better, I had a great meal, rice with vegetables and chicken and water.(Insert music… tan, tan, tan…) Later I came home and I can’t say I was hungry, because I wasn’t, but something came over me and drag me to the kitchen, made me open the fridge, and eat.

Argh!!! I couldn’t stop. It was horrible. I ate everything that was inside my fridge; pasta, beef with vegetables, salami, cheese, 3 sugar cookies, 2 liters of diet coke, because I couldn’t break my diet LOL … OMG.

By the end I was so full I couldn’t even breathe and I had to drink and Alka-Seltzer. **Sigh**

The worst part… I went to my scale and weight myself. Really? What was I thinking?

Of course the scale was going to SCREAM “you overeat”. I was so frustrated ant then I started to feel guilty and unhappy. Because after a long time fighting to lose weight, the “Monster” came by and made me eat… and give up, and it is not fair.

What can I do when I feel like there is no tomorrow and start eating without control? I don’t know. I guess I have to keep fighting this “Monster” that takes over me and drags me to the fridge.

Is there a magic potion? If you have it let me know… and pass it on, remember sharing is caring!!

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