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The Wizard of "Goal"

How many times have you heard that? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that in my lifetime I’ll be, well out of debt. 

The definition of goal is, the end toward which effort is directed. This doesn’t mean that we can’t change while in the journey. 

The number I selected as my goal weight might change on my way there. All depends on how I feel and look at certain weight. That number is the magic number, you know like in the Wizard of Oz. In the movie the characters had to travel the long Yellow Brick Road to get to the Wizard. Once there they got what they were looking for but not in the expected way. 

The same happens with my goal weight. That is my “Wizard of Oz” (only with my name), and the journey I’m traveling is my long Yellow Brick Road. I know that in the end I’ll get what I want, lose weight. It might be the number I selected or it might be a little different. 

Next time someone asks you “is that your goal?”, say yes very proud and keep working at it. Only you have the power to make it a reality and don’t forget you can modify this number as many times as you like. After all is not written in stone!  Enjoy your weight loss journey and make it fun and memorable.


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Fourth week participating of the Plus Size Bloggers Summer15 and I am still having fun!
This week I went back on track, whoohoo!! I improved this week and practice moderation.

Now let me share with you my progress! 🙂

Week 4
July 6 (happy birthday to me) to July 12

  • Starting weight – 214 .2
  • Week two weight – 211.8 (-2.4 lbs.)
  • Week three weight – 212.6 (+ .8 lbs.)
  • Week four weight – 211.2 (-1.4 lbs.)

Now today is my birthday and I’m going to enjoy myself, that doesn’t mean that I’ll throw everything out the window, but what it means is that I will be careful!

See you next week! 🙂

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Happy Birthday to me

During my 32nd birthday celebration!

Soon is going to be  my 33rd birthday and because of it I’m traveling to my Country, Puerto Rico, to visit my family and celebrate the only way Puerto Ricans know how to.    

I know I’ll be surrounded by people who love me and of course yummy food and cake. Every year I celebrate big, after all this only happens once a year. At the same time I try not to go over board with the food and drink intake. This is my first year, in about 10, that I’m going to Puerto Rico to celebrate and I do hope it becomes a “big” celebration but at the same time I’m so scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.    

Fortunately, I have a great support system at home and I know that they will make sure I don’t go over board while having fun. Also, my body is starting to recognize when enough is enough. Like I said before, I’m not going to stress about the food that I have around me. I can always enjoy myself and at the same time make smart choices.    

I will eat cake, I will eat out with my friends and family, I’ll have a drink, and yes I’m going to celebrate my birthday, but this time I’m going to celebrate in moderation have fun and above all, PLAN in advance what am I going to do! I will have a happy 33rd birthday.    

Bring on the cake and the good times!

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There is something super exciting about going to your closet and rediscovering clothes that you forgot about it. This is kind of happening to me.  So far I’ve lost around 10 pounds and for me this means that I can start browsing, just a little bit, in my closet and try on the clothes. Also means, that the pants and dresses are let tight.  

One of my favorite things to do while losing weight is going through my clothes and rearranging it, “this I can start wearing, this eh, not yet”… 

I hate when I gain weight, but at the same time I know that I have something to look forward when this happens, and that is wearing the clothes that is too small to wear at the moment. Finally wearing a pair of jeans that you love with a nice top and high heels, is an amazing feeling that I love having it. 

I know I still have a lot to go but I’m looking forward to wear again my two piece bathing suit and the jeans size 8 that I wore about three years ago. And when that happens, I will need to go shopping and get me new sizes and even smaller just to look forward to wear those too. 

So here is to my new-old wardrobe, skinny jeans and high heels!! Oh how I missed you all!

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As you might know I’m participating of the Plus Size Bloggers Summer15. This is the third week. Wow times flies when you are having fun!!

Although this week I didn’t lose any pounds, in fact I gained a little, I don’t feel defeated like the other times. To the contrary it empowered me to do better and be more careful.

So here it goes, the third week weigh-in:

Week 3
June 29 to July 5

  • Starting weight – 214 .2
  • Week two weight – 211.8 (-2.4 lbs.)
  • Week three weight – 212.6 (+ .8 lbs.)

True, it’s not a lot, but it could be discouraging if I let it. But I wont!! 🙂

See you next week! 🙂

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Whooho! The adventure continues!

This is my second week participating at the Plus Size Bloggers Summer15. I can say that I had a great week. Here it goes:

Week 2
June 22 to June 28

  • Starting weight – 214 .2
  • Week two weight – 211.8 (-2.4 lbs.)

Great week I’m excited!

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"Please get up"

Going to the gym in the afternoon is becoming very difficult. There is always something to do; dinner with my friends, happy hour here, happy hour there, long hours at work, no desire, and the list goes on and on. 

Having identifying this, I decided to go to the gym in the morning, 5:00 AM to be exact. Yes it has to be that early because I start to work at 9:00 AM and I like to eat breakfast before work. The situation is that every day at exactly 5:00 AM in the morning the alarm goes off and I turn it off, roll to the other side and keeps sleeping. 

Every night before I go to bed I say to myself “tomorrow I’ll wake up early” and nothing. I’ve tried putting the alarm out of my reach. I’ve tried letting everything ready the night before. I’ve tried once the alarm goes off I’ll get up and go to the bathroom to get ready, but somehow I go back straight to bed. 

I remember that I used to get up early to be at work at 6:00 AM, but now I just can’t get up. One thing is for sure, I’ll keep trying until I get it. Because I do want to go to the gym in the morning and start my day with energy. 

If any of you have the antidote for this please share it!

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