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Watching TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, and I started to think how I feel when my house is a mess and how that affects my regimen.

Although I am not a hoarder, sometimes I tend to accumulate stuff in my house or not put them where they belong, making in the end a mess that make me “throw the towel” and not do anything.  The part that get more affected is the kitchen.

If my house is a mess I just don’t cook and order in, eating fast food everyday. Another thing I do, is convince myself that I wont go to the gym because I’m staying home to clean the house, and in the end, I don’t do it and I keep using the same excuse every day and of course I don’t go to the gym.

Watching the show, I felt so sad for them because I could tell that the clutter in their homes have them prisoners of it, like a cycle that wouldn’t end. That is the same feeling I have when my house is a mess. I can’t  move on, I just don’t feel like doing anything.

Since I know that about me, I decided to keep my home organize and clean, specially the kitchen. That way I would not have any excuses to not cook or not to go to the gym. I know that it takes time to get used to a new lifestyle, but knowing is half the battle.

Try to identify what triggers you, and what makes you not to cook or what makes you fall off the wagon. Knowing this will help you be in control and reach your goals.


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Yummy chocolate!

You can say that again! This last week pushed back everything I did last week, CRAP! 

At work it was super stressful. Not only because of the work load, but emotions were running at all times HIGH! I am an emotional eater, and most of the time I’m not even aware that I am doing it. It is until I feel I can’t breathe or that I don’t fit in my jeans that I realize that I was emotional eating… then it’s too late.  

I am trying to make my emotional eating work in my favor, unfortunately I haven’t learn how to do. Once I realize I’m doing it, I try to identify and stop.  After I stop, I feel bad, and then an urge to give up come over me. It’s this feeling of  “what the heck!! if I ate all, if I fell of the wagon, why should I keep going on?”.  

To me, those messages are worst than stress or emotional eating, because sometimes after I eat I’m able to stop the feelings I was having, but if I let my mind kick im with those messages that’s it, all bets are off. It is true what they say, the mind is super powerful!  

To be fair, I’m trying to learn how-to control my emotional eating and how-to use my mind to help me in the weight loss department. This is far from over, but I’m not giving up :).

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