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Boys vs Girls

Boys vs Girls

All of them can put any girl to shame. They go twice to the gym and eat salads and vegetables, follow a strict diet or food regimen, train for triathlon… Every day I look at them and think, “man I remember when I was so dedicated”.

That dedication came about a year and a half ago, when all of them, collective looked at a picture and jump in the “getting healthy and thin” wagon. Back then they didn’t care much about what they ate or drank, all was fair. Now, the story is completely different.

Now, they don’t eat a cookie not even by mistake. To be honest they depress me sometimes, because I’m the girl, I should be acting like that. The other day one of them said “this are new jeans, they didn’t fit before and now they do”. I looked at him and laugh, because that’s something a girl will say.

I’m very happy for them, training for triathlon, eating right, losing weight, getting buff, going to the gym, to Cross Fit. As long as they don’t judge me for what and how I eat, I’m ok. Someday their attitude towards having an active and healthy life will stick to me, but for now, I’ll enjoy seeing their transformation.

So guys this is for you – you know who you are – keep up the good work. 🙂


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Picture this, you cooked the night before and feel super good about your menu. You take the food to your office to eat it during lunch.

One hour before lunch time arrives, a coworker asks you, “did you bring lunch?” you very proud say, “yes, I cooked last night”. Then you coworker tells you, “I didn’t bring anything. I’m going out to eat, do you want to come?”

All of the sudden, the food that you cooked the night before, the food that you are so proud of, doesn’t look that appetizing anymore and you end up eating out, wasting the food you cooked the night before, adding unnecessary calories and wasting money.

This story repeats itself almost every day but you don’t notice. Then when weigh-in day comes, you don’t see any changes and you start asking yourself, what happened?  Well you ate all your calories and the calories of others, that’s what happened.

So next time you cook and bring lunch, and your coworker ask you “do you want to go out for lunch” say “no thank you I have a very yummy lunch here. I’ll seat with you if you bring lunch back to the office”.

I know it’s not easy but think about all the calories and the money you’ll save!  Practice saying no and eventually you’ll feel empowered and in control of your lunch time, your calorie intake and your life!

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