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Happy Birthday to me

During my 32nd birthday celebration!

Soon is going to be  my 33rd birthday and because of it I’m traveling to my Country, Puerto Rico, to visit my family and celebrate the only way Puerto Ricans know how to.    

I know I’ll be surrounded by people who love me and of course yummy food and cake. Every year I celebrate big, after all this only happens once a year. At the same time I try not to go over board with the food and drink intake. This is my first year, in about 10, that I’m going to Puerto Rico to celebrate and I do hope it becomes a “big” celebration but at the same time I’m so scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.    

Fortunately, I have a great support system at home and I know that they will make sure I don’t go over board while having fun. Also, my body is starting to recognize when enough is enough. Like I said before, I’m not going to stress about the food that I have around me. I can always enjoy myself and at the same time make smart choices.    

I will eat cake, I will eat out with my friends and family, I’ll have a drink, and yes I’m going to celebrate my birthday, but this time I’m going to celebrate in moderation have fun and above all, PLAN in advance what am I going to do! I will have a happy 33rd birthday.    

Bring on the cake and the good times!


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Girls Night

Girls' Night is always fun!

Last week, a dear friend of mine invited me to her apartment to have a “Girls’ Night”. Personally I LOVE going to her get together. They are always fun and there is always something different. Something that never changes is the good food and the even better company.

As soon as I received the invitation I enter in “planing-in-advance mode”. Since I’m training, once again, myself to follow the Weight Watchers points I need to be very careful not to go over board while I enjoy my surroundings. If you are familiar with the program, you’ll know that in addition to your weekly points, you have 35 extra to use if necessary. Unfortunately, even though I knew I had this get together in my agenda I ate all the extra points before this day.

Without panicking I decided to plan my day. In the morning I ate a low points breakfast, during lunch I ate a little bit more consistent lunch but leaving enough points to enjoy with my friend’s get together. I knew that there was going to be cupcakes (I LOVE cupcakes), wine, appetizers or tapas, in my head I prepared for this, to eat and have a good time. And that’s what I did.

True, it was a little difficult not to eat the deliciousness that were available, but I turned on the moderation switch and used it. The common sense, that I left it at home, it doesn’t do any good to me when I’m around food :).  And although I went over the available points, I didn’t went WAY over. How I know this? Well, the obvious way, counting the points, but more importantly, I didn’t have that feeling of failure that I normally feel when I overeat. I didn’t feel the need to give up and forget about the plan or talked myself down because I went over the points.

Every invitation is a challenge, but at the same time I love challenges. With every invitation, get together or every meal, I learn what to do and practice what I learned in the past. I know I still have a way to go in terms of controlling my eating habits, but I also know that every day that I don’t go over my WW points, it’s a good sign that I’ll be just fine.

So keep the invitations coming!

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It was my coworker’s birthday. My bosses brought, what I only can describe as the most appealing-delicious-moist, double chocolate cake with strawberries.  To my luck, that’s the day I started once AGAIN my diet and excercise regimen.

I remember thinking, “really, today, today of all days?”, but I walked away from it. You must think, “oh well, she’s save; she walked away from the cake”, and that’s what I thought too, I was save!! W R O N G!

The real battle began later, every time I opened the fridge to get water, or just walked by the kitchen to get something. The remaining cake was staring at me, calling me, it had my name! – I swear!

It took everything I had in me no to open the box and eat the cake, specially when everyone else were doing it! I had to have a very serious conversation with myself in the bathroom where I asked myself, “what do you want more; the cake or to lose weight?”. The second option won the battle that moment.

Later that day, I went to the gym and burned all the anger towards the  most appealing-delicious-moist, double chocolate cake with strawberries that my bosses bought for my coworkers birthday.

Till this day, I still think about the cake, and I wonder, what had happen if I ate a piece of it.  Oh well I guess I’ll never know! It was a good choice not to eat it!

So long CAKE!

Till the next adventure!

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