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I just came back from my vacations in Puerto Rico. As you might know, I went to celebrate my birthday and to spend time with my family and friends.

In the beginning I was super confident that I was going to be able to manage my Weight Watchers Points with no problem. After all, is all about watching the portions, right? WRONG! Well it is part of it but not all. 

It wasn’t until I arrived to the airport and ordered a chicken-mango wrap with fries that I panicked.  Although I only ate half of it and almost none of the fries, I was concern about the rest of the trip.

You see, I love food, especially Puerto Rican food, which most of it is FRIED!!! Yes fried! Don’t get me wrong, you can find very healthy food in Puerto Rico but most of my favorites are not healthy!

Half way eating my lunch, I remembered I was going to go to a very Puerto Rican birthday. With music, FOOD, drinks, games, CAKE, dancing… did I mentioned FOOD and CAKE?? To be honest my anxiety levels went from o to 100 in a second and my “hungry gland” was activated the whole time.

After arriving to the party and seeing all the food available, I thought, “OMG, it is only Saturday and I already ate my points for the day and the extra ones… what is going to happen on my birthday?”

At that moment I decided to stop worrying about that and enjoy myself. That I wasn’t going to make others feel uncomfortable with my eating habits. I mean, I wasnt going to throw everything out the window, but I wasn’t going to obsess about it either. 

True I stooped counting my points and watching my portions, and I decided to accept whatever result came out of that.

Today I’m happy to report that I didn’t gain any weight. I guess that after all, my body and my mind are more connected than I thought, and this trip didn’t affect my progress. If anything taught me that I should be calm and enjoy myself without obsessing about the food and others.

Awareness, not obsession, is key during your vacations. Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday to me

During my 32nd birthday celebration!

Soon is going to be  my 33rd birthday and because of it I’m traveling to my Country, Puerto Rico, to visit my family and celebrate the only way Puerto Ricans know how to.    

I know I’ll be surrounded by people who love me and of course yummy food and cake. Every year I celebrate big, after all this only happens once a year. At the same time I try not to go over board with the food and drink intake. This is my first year, in about 10, that I’m going to Puerto Rico to celebrate and I do hope it becomes a “big” celebration but at the same time I’m so scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.    

Fortunately, I have a great support system at home and I know that they will make sure I don’t go over board while having fun. Also, my body is starting to recognize when enough is enough. Like I said before, I’m not going to stress about the food that I have around me. I can always enjoy myself and at the same time make smart choices.    

I will eat cake, I will eat out with my friends and family, I’ll have a drink, and yes I’m going to celebrate my birthday, but this time I’m going to celebrate in moderation have fun and above all, PLAN in advance what am I going to do! I will have a happy 33rd birthday.    

Bring on the cake and the good times!

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Last week it was my friend’s birthday and due to the occasion we went to a restaurant. Immediately, I start to panic a little. What am I going to eat? How about the portions? And dessert?

After panicking I ran to my computer and found the menu. I thought that if I knew what was on the menu, I could make good choices, after all making better choices is part of a succesful weight loss.

In deed I picked what I wanted to order; miso soup, chicken pad Thai, edamame, diet coke, and maybe, just maybe lychee ice-cream.

When I got the restaurant my friends were there having appetizers. I was like, “crap there nothing that I could eat”. I didn’t eat any of the appetizers at the table, instead I ordered a diet Coke and a glass of wine.

At that moment I knew I had to give up something from what I had plan. It was ok, because I enjoyed the wine :). After that, I ordered dinner, chicken pad Thai, YUMMM!

When the food arrived, I immediately asked for a “to-go” box and only ate part of it. Any other time I would have eaten the whole pad Thai and then hated myself for doing it. But this time it was different. I only ate a reasonable portion and saved the rest for later.

After dinner was over, I felt so good and confident that I could go to any restaurant and only eat a reasonable portion.

So from now on bring over the invitations!!! 🙂

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